April 17 – Pray: Daily Bread

Read: Matthew 6:9-13

Give us this day our daily bread, (Matthew 6:11 ESV)

Some people are really, exceedingly, financially blessed. They seem to have access to a limitless bank account. And sometimes its really easy to envy that kind of carefree wealth. During his teaching about prayer at the Sermon on the Mount Jesus taught his followers to desire only daily provision.

When I think of the words “daily bread” I am instantly reminded of the Old Testament stories about how God fed the Israelites with mana from heaven. He gave them exactly what they needed to get through each day. If they collected excess or tried to keep it beyond the time frame God allowed it turned to rot and worms.

I think the truth to be found in these Biblical examples has next to nothing to do with how much stuff we own. I really think it boils down to our heart and attitudes in relation to stuff and ownership. Jesus’ words are not an indictment against ownership, or even abundant wealth, they are reminder to seek, and to be content with God’s provision for the day.


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