April 24 – Don’t Worry

Read: Matthew 6:25-30

And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life? (Matthew 6:27 ESV)

I was born a worrier. In the fourth grade my teacher told my mom she was afraid I was going to develop ulcers because of how badly I worried about my grades. Later on in high school God spoke to me through this passage in Matthew and changed my life forever.

I believe the experience I had with this passage is exactly what Jesus wanted his followers to have when he first taught this principle during the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus wants us to understand that excessive worry is bad for us. It is bad for us in every facet of life, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Worry leads to anxiety which can cause stress and sickness. It can creep into your mind creating paranoia, obsessiveness, and a skewed thought life. When worry seeps into your soul it can give root to unhealthy doubts about God and undermine your faith.

All of these things can be disastrous, but they are rarely isolated. Usually someone struggling with worry develops a combination of the above problems. Thankfully Jesus can walk us through it.

When God showed me the truth of a worry free life it didn’t lead me into a reckless carelessness full of irresponsibility. Instead God helped me to step up to my responsibilities and shoulder them with His full blessing. Knowing He would provide for me, empower me, and help me gave me the faith to take on more. It allowed me to set aside fear and uncertainty. And it gave me the assurance to take every step of faith wherever the Father was leading.


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