May 7 – Hell

Read: Mark 9:42-50 & John 14:1-3

“where their worm does not die and the fire is not quenched.” (Mark 9:48 ESV)

There have been countless sermons about hell. There have been books about hell. There are movies about hell. There are bumper stickers, songs, paintings, T-shirts, and a plethora of media portraying various imaginings of hell. I’m really and truly convinced that none of them get it entirely right.

Jesus spoke about it candidly. It is clearly a literal place. It is definitely not a place that you want to be. Jesus’ descriptions of it make it out to sound truly horrendous.

But it is a place that is going to be a reality for anyone that has not entered into an authentic relationship with Jesus. Some people misguidedly trumpeted that information with a proud or arrogant kind of bravado, which is altogether sad. But that sadness is profoundly and shockingly eclipsed by the reality of hell. It is the reality of an eternal existence apart from God.


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