May 12 – The Last Days

Read: Luke 17:20-37

For as the lightning flashes and lights up the sky from one side to the other, so will the Son of Man be in his day. (Luke 17:24 ESV)

Opinions on end times events are widely, and sometimes wildly, speculative. Many claim to hold the answers. Some of those making such claims may have answers. I don’t. But Jesus had something to say about it too.

One thing I am pretty sure about concerning end times events is that Jesus will rule and reign an actual earthly kingdom. It will be time when the now spiritual kingdom of God will be made manifest as a literal earthly rule upon this world. Many varying beliefs exist concerning the events that will lead to this eventuality. Nearly all agree upon the notion of Jesus reigning and ruling a physical kingdom in conjunction with his spiritual kingdom.

For that to come it means that he will return in identifiable form. Whether it is in his physical presence, his heavenly being, or whatever we do not know. Perhaps he will reappear in a form we cannot really comprehend. But when he does return it will be evident. It will change things. He will light up the world with his sudden glorious appearance.

To experience the fullness of the kingdom of God, not just in spirit but in this world, would be a glorious thing. It will be a glorious thing. This is the hope that we have in Christ, not that we should be afraid of these future eventualities; but so that we might lovingly and longingly aspire to such a pristine moment in our future history—even while we go about this life in pursuit of him.


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