May 18 – They Could Not

Read: Matthew 17:14-20

And I brought him to your disciples, and they could not heal him.” (Matthew 17:16 ESV)

Jesus was well-known and highly regarded for his many miraculous deeds. People came from all over the region to be ministered to and healed by the Lord. Jesus even passed along that authority and power to his disciples. But for some reason they were unable to heal the epileptic.

It must have been an utterly defeating moment for the boy’s parents. All of their hopes were riding on the disciples’ willingness and ability to minister to their son. And they the disciples fell short. They could not do it.

How often do we fail those who are looking to us for answers? I know I do frequently. But the truth is that I just miss the mark sometimes. And usually my issue is the same as that of the disciples. Usually when I miss it, it is a faith problem.

Jesus said that with just the tiniest measure of authentic faith the impossible becomes probable. That is bewildering to say the least. It challenges us right at the root of the issue. Is the supernatural real? Jesus believed it was so. He believed that a true position of faith had the ability to change things.

Yes, I have failed. And will probably do so again. Someone will come to me needing prayer, counsel, or biblical instruction and I will let them down. I will do my best, and it won’t be good enough. They will need more, and Jesus is there to meet their need. Because even when Christ’s followers cannot, he most definitely can.


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