May 19 – Why Jesus

For nearly six months I’ve been writing daily devotions that I have come to call “A Year With Jesus”. They are the result of a couple of years of devoted study to the Gospels, Old Testament prophecy, and New Testament letters. All of it is because of my deep devotion to Jesus.

With all of the distractions in this life why choose Jesus? Some do not. Still others believe Jesus chooses you. I think the biblical authors actually reveal that it is a bit of both. But for my part why do I love, cherish, and serve Jesus?

I will say outright that I wish I could do better, but for what it’s worth I try to give my life and service to the work of Christ. I do this because at the core of my being I believe that Jesus Christ was a first century carpenter, rabbi, missionary, preacher, and miracle worker. I believe he was, and is, the unique Son of God that all of the Bible points to. I believe he lived perfectly. Loved exquisitely. Suffered unjustly. And died, only to be raised to life.

In my heart I have come to believe that the resurrection of Jesus is the penultimate event of human history. It changes everything. It sure changed me.


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