May 22 – Denounced

Read: Matthew 11:20-24

Then he began to denounce the cities where most of his mighty works had been done, because they did not repent. (Matthew 11:20 ESV)

We choose whether or not to believe in the supernatural. It is a choice all of us must wrestle with. For some this is an easy and nearly effortless struggle as they willingly, readily, and eagerly accept the notion of things happening beyond the realm of natural explanation. Others reject offhand the notion that anything can take place that is not potentially explainable by science.

Where do you fall on that scale? Maybe you find yourself believing in the supernatural. Maybe you have seen things that are unexplainable. This important statement that Jesus made boils down to one question; what do you do with the revelation of Jesus’ supernatural power?

Some who experience the supernatural still refuse to acknowledge the source of that power. They explain it away, chock it up coincidence, and try to forget about it. Jesus would have none of that. He let it be known that his supernatural acts were attempts to draw attention to the Father. Everything the Son did was to exalt the Father.

Jesus used powerful language when describing the fate awaiting those who experienced his supernatural power and did not repent. He warned them of the trouble that awaited their stubborn refusal to return to a right standing with God. It’s a side of Jesus we rarely see in the Gospels.

What would it take for Jesus to denounce you or I? Surely we must be wary of falling into the same trap of refusing repentance. It’s not about merely being sorry for our actions. It is about our willful acknowledgement of God’s plan and power.


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