May 23 – Seeking Signs

Read: Matthew 12:38-42

Then some of the scribes and Pharisees answered him, saying, “Teacher, we wish to see a sign from you.” (Matthew 12:38 ESV)

I use signs a lot when I’m driving. Especially if I am traveling into new territory or looking for somewhere/something new. In our culture we depend on signs so much that we invented technology to give us audible voiced cues as we drive down the road. We want to see and know what is ahead. We want proof.

The religious leaders in Jesus’ time wanted proof as well. Or at least they outwardly claimed that it was proof they were aster. Some were motivated by their power, influence, and bank accounts, but ere were those among their number earnestly seeking to please God, and serve Him. I’m not sure what category the group fell into that first asked Jesus for a sign, but I know that his response addressed the real issue.

What is it about us that demands proof? Is it mistrust, a lack of faith, or absurd arrogance? Maybe it is a meandering conglomerate of all of them. Maybe we vacillate between varying shades of mistrust and arrogance in our pursuit of proof. But what lies at the core of what we are actually searching for in our pursuit of proof? Are we hoping to find irrefutable evidence for the existence of God or the supremacy of the human intellect? Many with varying opinions would argue that proof for both arguments already exists. No, the answer to what we are seeking is secondary, or maybe even tertiary. The chief question in our humanly selfish pursuit of proof is, why are we seeking proof? Or, why do we demand a sign? The answer to that question reveals a great deal about our hearts.


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