May 27 – Not Everyone

Read: John 7: 1-24

For not even his brothers believed in him. (John 7:5 ESV)

Sometimes the people you love the most can be the harshest critics. Maybe family are your biggest critics, often it is family, perhaps it is close friends or peers. The simple truth is that the more we operate inside of Godly community, the more we love, and are loved; the more vulnerable we become to rejection at the hands of those same people.

Jesus was rejected by His hometown of Nazareth.  He was rejected by His own brothers, at least until after his resurrection. He was betrayed for thirty pieces of silver by one of His chosen twelve Apostles.  He was denied by His best friend.  His own Father turned His back on Him in His final moments.

Sometimes, many times, the Christian existence will call, send, and guide us into territory where life’s many potential vulnerabilities become realities. Thankfully we follow someone that has already faced that kind of hardship and overcome it.  We can carry our cross with the full faith that Christ leads us into His own glory. That is, He leads us into the glory of God, by the grace of God.


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