June 6 – Overshadowed Certainty

Read: Luke 9:28-36

As he was saying these things, a cloud came and overshadowed them, and they were afraid as they entered the cloud. (Luke 9:34 ESV)

There are multiple occasions in the bible when a cloud, fire, or smoke accompanies the supernatural presence of God. The Transfiguration of Jesus was similar. God told the disciples to listen to Jesus, His son. And a cloud enveloped them as God spoke.

This passage is talking about a literal cloud of something that obscured vision and made the disciples fearful. I think sometimes being in the place where God is leading you will also cause you to find yourself in a place of obscured vision and potential uncertainty. Those are trust moments.

When you can’t see what’s around you. When you can’t see ahead, side-to-side, or behind. Those are the moments ripe with opportunity to trust in God. That’s probably why He seems to allow us to experience so many if them.

The Jewish psalmist, king, and prophet David wrote about God’s protection in times like this. He talked about being in the “shadow of His wings.” It is a beautiful metaphor that recalls the protective obscurity of parental shielding.

Maybe we’re not certain of the future, and maybe God wants it that way. Ultimately He wants us to depend on Him by trusting in Jesus. When life seems hazy we can be at our most fearful, but that’s also a moment of divine opportunity. God wants us to embrace His certainty in a way that will overshadow all uncertainty in our lives.


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