June 13 – Convinced?

Read: Luke 16:19-31

He said to him, “If they do not hear Moses and the Prophets, neither will they be convinced if someone should rise from lthe dead.” (Luke 16:31 ESV)

The distinguishing characteristic of Christianity is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. That historical event is the dividing line between Christianity and all other faiths. The resurrection of Jesus sparked something in a small group of people in a small place in a small part of the world that went on to impact all of the world. And it happened because the followers of Jesus were convinced that he really did rise from death.

Jesus’ story about Lazarus and the Rich man was meant to be a convicting one. They were a people in need of convincing and conviction, two things missing in the religious system of the day. They wanted signs. They wanted miracles. They wanted proof about Jesus’ identity.

He told them that he would die and come back, and they didn’t understand him. He performed countless miracles and they didn’t believe in him. He laid our he framework for divinely inspired conviction, and they remained entirely unconvinced.

What does it take to convince you and I? Are we hard-headed and stubborn? Do we see truth for truth? Do we go to the bible for truth and conviction? If it was good enough for the people in Jesus’ story it is good enough for us.


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