June 14 – Jesus Says

Read: John 8:1-11

Now in the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women. So what do you say? (John 8:5 ESV)

The woman was caught in the act of sin. Her accusers hauled her before Jesus looking to pick a fight. Burt Jesus would not be manipulated by the wicked thoughts of the religious elite. Turning the situation around on them he declared that anyone without sin should be the one to stone the accused. Everyone left. And being the only sinless person in attendance he also refused to condemn her.

Jesus offers forgiveness for sin. He brings mercy. He overshadows the Law, bringing it to fulfillment and life. He was changing the landscape of religious thought. He was challenging their judgmental presuppositions.

The truth is that condemnation is for all who have sinned. We have all sinned. But when we put ourselves at Jesus’ mercy he offers forgiveness. He offers life.

The Pharisees thought they were going to trap him. They failed to realize, or believe, that Jesus was God made flesh. He was divine. He wasn’t about to contradict the Law. But what he had to say did triumph over the Law. What Jesus says goes.


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