June 21 – Rebuking Jesus

Read: Mark 8: 31-33

And he said this plainly. And Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him. (Mark 8:32 ESV)

Jesus knew that he must suffer. He knew his identity, he knew his purpose, he knew the means and the end. I do not believe that he went into it without apprehension, heartache, or pain, but I know that he fully embraced the eternal implications and the necessity for the atrocities that would be committed against him.

After having confessed Jesus as the Christ, Peter was appalled upon learning the truth about what was to come for Christ. He started rebuking Jesus, declaring that these terrible things must not happen to the Messiah. It was Jesus’ turn to rebuke Peter. He put him in his proper place, explained the necessity for the horrors he would endure, and continued his mission.

Have you ever tried to tell God He was wrong? Have you ever thought you had a better idea or a better way to do something? I know have, on both accounts. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in ourselves and our desires that we chastise God for thinking of the bigger picture.

I encourage you today to stop and think about what you have planned for the day. Is there a way that you can use your day’s activities to point people to the bigger picture of God?


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