July 24 – If These Were Silent

Luke 19:29-40

He answered, “I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.” (Luke 19:40 ESV)

What if you didn’t worship God? According to Jesus, in the absence of worshippers, the rocks would take up the cry to declare the glorious mighty deeds of God. But maybe he said that because they already do.

Do I believe that God could cause the stones to literally develop singing voices and begin to join together in melodic praise? Yes. But I don’t think Jesus was referring to that. In both the Psalms and in some of the Apostle Paul’s writings we can read references to creation itself praising God. Why?

I believe that creation itself was an act of worship. God made everything, and in its existence alone it worships him. No, not with song, but by being what it was made for.

You see, worship isn’t a melody, a tune, or a predetermined allotment of time in a church service. Worship is our response to God. It is our recognition of Him as creator. It is our existence striving to achieve its fullest potential. That’s part of what makes forgiveness and repentance so special. They are both acts that undermine the sinful human condition and push us back into right standing with the Father, which of course is the only place where we may actually realize our fullest potential.


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