August 8 – Serve

Matthew 23:1-12

The greatest among you shall be your servant. (Matthew 23:11 ESV)

Jesus was not a fan of the scribes, a sect of religious teachers that had become lost in corruption. They were overly harsh with the general population and used their position as a means to extort people for monetary gain. They were crooks and thieves mascara ding as clergy. They loved the honor of their position, but squandered their influence rather than leverage to help their people who were suffering under Roman rule.

Jesus teaching was very contrary to the scribes’ example. He taught that position was not something to seek after or brandish as a badge, but rather it is the natural acquisition of someone in unselfish service to God. In God’s kingdom you must serve to be great. The measure of human greatness is determined by the amount of love and service demonstrated in one’s life. We like to be honored. Sometimes it can be completely natural to want recognition, but Jesus taught that true love, service, and greatness bypass those things.

It can be a simple thing. Serving doesn’t have to be sacrificial or lengthy. Often the most monumental acts of service are done from a place of sacrifice, but we must not overlook the simplicity of demonstrating loving service daily. Opening the door for someone or helping them with a simple chore are two really easy ways to serve.

How will you serve someone today?


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