August 13 – All She Had

Luke 21:1-4

For they all contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on.” (Luke 21:4 ESV)

Worship done in the form of giving is not always easy. I love to give. My wife and I make it a regular part of our life, but it can be a stretch sometimes. It is especially difficult during a tough financial season. That kind of giving takes a level of faith that really stretches me.

Jesus, observing the widow’s offering, pointed out the enormity of her small gift.
Financially speaking, it would not set any records, and it wouldn’t bankroll the ministry for the foreseeable future. But in terms of faith, she gave an incredible sum. She gave her livelihood.

I wonder what passed through her mind as she released the small coins. Was she fearful? Was she confident? I don’t know. Perhaps she was merely caught up in the sweet reality of her act of worship.

I want to be able to give God my best. I want to offer all I have, and all I am, to Him, to be used for His purpose. I really want to. But the truth is that sometimes I hold back. Sometimes I am reserved. All too often I simply miss the point. There are a lot of reasons this happens. None that I am proud of.

The widow’s standard of giving is an incredibly faithful goal to shoot for. She offered all that she had. My prayer is that I would have the faithful courage to do the same.


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