August 27 – Is it I?

Mark 14:17-25

They began to be sorrowful and to say to him one after another, “Is it I?” (Mark 14:19 ESV)

Jesus had forewarned his disciples of his approaching trials and death multiple times. They never quite seemed to understand what he was referring to. But when he made the announcement that he would be betrayed they all perked up. They were all concerned it would be them.

Their response reveals a common idea. It is something I have noticed a lot over the years, and have struggled with myself at times. We are afraid of letting God down. We are woefully uncomfortable with the possibility of our own inadequacy. That’s not a bad thing.

Still, the truth is that we really are incapable of doing it on our own. We do fail. We do let God down when we choose to sin. And that is a betrayal of all that He is and does for us.

That sounds pretty harsh doesn’t it?

The good news, The Gospel actually, is that in spite of our failings, conformities, and bad decisions—our betrayals are the whole reason why Jesus died. It is our sin that His death overcomes. Yes, we may fall short of the hope God has for us, but he is big enough and good enough to make up the difference.


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