September 6 – Not Right Now

John 16:5-15

I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. (John 16:12 ESV)

“Patience is when we wait nicely.” That’s what we tell our son nearly daily when he seems to be getting antsy. Patience is a tough thing to develop. Why? Because we often think we’re ready for something when we’re not.

Jesus knew his followers better than they knew themselves. He knew that he was sharing so much with them that they were at capacity. They couldn’t handle any more profound truths that particular day. They had hit their saturation point.

I think he does the same with us. He knows what we’re ready to hear. But I don’t think He will communicate something to us that we’re not ready for. It means we are not the final authority. We’re not the ones calling the shots. Jesus does. He evaluates both instantaneously and beyond the confines of time. He sees tomorrow’s potential in today’s failings. He sees the real us, the true heart, and he is the best judge of what exactly it is that we need to know, do, and experience right now.


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