September 8 – Do You?

John 16:25-33

Jesus answered them, “Do you now believe? (John 16:31 ESV)

Belief is powerful. It shapes our hearts. Shapes our motives. It drives us toward many things. There are so many different kinds of beliefs. They are nigh innumerable. Some beliefs people merely jump into with little in the way of evidence, while others are based off of things they have seen, heard, and understood.

Jesus heard what his disciples had to say about him. Their reassurances about who he was. He desired to further reinforce their belief in him and was communicating to them an aspect of his relationship with God the Father. He was building their belief, much as he had done for nearly three years.

What do you believe pr disbelieve about Jesus? What is your belief in Jesus based on? Do you believe in him? Who is he to you?


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