September 10 – Now They Know

John 17:6-9

Now they know that everything that you have given me is from you. (John 17:7 ESV)

Jesus lived out a life of demonstrative teaching. Everything he did and said was an intentional part of his leading and guiding his followers into a closer relationship with him. All of it was designed to draw them closer to Christ and closer to the Father.

I think a good question we can ask ourselves is “what do people know about God by looking at my life?” The possible answers to that question say a lot about how we are going through this life. It says a lot about how we are communicating Christ to those around us.

Jesus wants you and I to be his messenger. As the disciples learned to look to the Father through the Son, so will people look to the Son through those he has saved. So, think about the people in your life. Because of you, what do they now know?


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