September 13 – When They Sang

Mark 14: 26-31

And when they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives. (Mark 14:26 ESV)

Since the beginnings of Christianity believers have come under fire for their worship. Worship has long been a chief means of showing devotion and love for God. Often there is nothing more powerful for advancing your trust in God than uninterrupted worship.

I love that the last recorded activity involving Jesus and his entire entourage of disciples is a moment of collective singing to God. They worshipped God, togethers with the Son of God. For you and I that should highlight just how critical worship is for our spiritual well-being. Jesus, knowing he was soon to enter a time of intense difficulty and torment, chose to worship one final time with his friends.

Moments of private worship are enjoyable, and connected with prayer and reflection they are wonderful opportunities for development. But joining in with a group of friends to lift up your voice to heaven is a beautiful experience. It is a safe place. Because the reality of our hard world is sometimes waiting just on the other side of a song.


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