October 5 – Envy Jesus

Matthew 27: 15-23

For he knew that it was out of envy that they had delivered him up. (Matthew 27:18 ESV)

Pilate was not a believer. By all accounts he was a stern and sometimes ruthless governor. Yet even he could see that the mob which had handed Jesus over to be killed was pushing for something unjust. And his observations led him to declare that envy was the underlying cause.

Just exactly what were the religious people envious of? Jesus had no money. He had no prestigious titles. He was not a man of remarkable appearance. He had nothing at all by which men so often measure worth and value.

What Jesus had was kindness. He had the Spirit of God. He had unwavering commitment to his cause. He had the power of God working through him. He also had the ear of the people.

His miraculous deeds had granted him a special place on the public eye. His selflessness had promoted him to a level of notoriety that set the religious cadre in a big fuss. They didn’t like it. They did like him. And they didn’t like the way he messed with their stuff. And for all that disliking they still couldn’t help but envy Jesus.


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