October 7 – Hell to the King

John 19:1-5

They came up to him, saying, “Hail, King of the Jews!” and struck him with their hands. (John 19:3 ESV)

One of the most demeaning aspects of the horrors visited upon Christ during his final hours before was the relentless mockery and brutality. The actions of ignorant cowards playing with powers beyond their comprehension, common soldiers employed as thugs by the religious elite brutalized Christ again and again. Their sarcastic jeers tearing through his compassionate heart like a scourge would rend his flesh. It was horror added upon horror.

Who would treat a king in such a way? But of course, they didn’t really believe him to be a king. He was something they couldn’t understand. However, they refused to acknowledge the possibility that he was the Son of God, in much the same way that modern skeptics refuse to acknowledge even the possibility of the supernatural.

The violence committed upon Christ was vulgar, excruciating, and barbaric. It was undeserved hell. Atrocities that would probably make us wretch to see in person. He did not deserve it. Yet he took it. He took it, so that what you and I deserve, actual hell, we do not have to experience.


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