“Thor: The Dark World” No Spoiler Review


Thor: the Dark world was in a word, Awesome. I loved it. It improved on every aspect of the first one. From the opening sequence to the closing credits The film captured the essence of Marvel’s mightiest warrior in a magical way. It is bigger, bolder, and better in nearly every way. For me it hit all of the right notes. A hearty blend of scifi-action-fantasy heroics that crossed genres in a way that only the rarest of stories can, while at the same time remaining the super hero story it is intended to be.

The returning cast was on point. They nailed the familiar characters and fleshed our their new adventures with humor, emotion, and the high adventure we have come to cherish from Marvel Studios. The clever banter and humor echoed with all of the nice little nods that make the Marvel cinematic universe uniquely connected.

I could go on but at the risk of leaving the land of opinion for hyperbole I’ll wrap this up by saying that I was genuinely pleased. Marvel continues to satisfy this life-long fan. Oh, and stay tuned after the credits….twice.


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