Noah: Willing Different

God looked at the state of His creation and was greaves by the corruption, violence, and evil. It pained Him enough to regret having made humanity. That’s a pretty shocking declaration concerning the state of the world.

But Noah was different. God liked what he saw in Noah. (Genesis 6:8 MSG)

In the midst of absolute wickedness Noah stood apart. There was something different about him. The story goes on to show that Noah obeyed God. He played a role in saving the world—literally.

Maybe for us to be used by God all we really need to do is be a little different than the crowd. I’m not talking about being unique for the purpose of sticking out. Many today throw themselves so fully into a contrived attempt at uniqueness that they lose themselves in a noisy mob of similar pretenders.

Noah stood out, not because he was unique but because he was what God was looking for. He was willing to obey. He was willing to work. He was willing to wait. Noah was willing.

Perhaps all that is holding back a miraculous change in the lives of those around you, is for you to be willing. What if you could read Genesis 6:8 again with your name in Noah’s place? What woukd it take to get you to that place with God? What is holding you back?

But _______________ was different. God liked what he saw in _________________. (Genesis 6:8 MSG)


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