Countdown Zacapa – 14 Days


Am I good enough?

This is a question people ask themselves all the time. Maybe not precisely those words, but some form of self-doubt and/or creeping insecurity nags at us from time to time. It’s nearly inevitable.

The short answer is “yes.” The shorter answer is “no.”

No, you are not good enough, at least not on your own. The horrible reality is that so many are out there trying to make it on their own. It’s tragic. And a lot of heart break and bad decisions play out as a result.

But yes, you are also good enough. Wait a sec here…….. DIDN’T YOU JUST CONTRADICT YOURSELF?

It’s true that on our own we are not good enough. But the whole point is that we don’t have to be on our own. We weren’t meant to be on our own. Life isn’t supposed to be a lonely affair full of solo sunsets and one-sided conversations.

GOD made you for himself, and for others. With him you are more than enough, not because you are good enough but because he is above and beyond good enough.

When you are living your life with God in it, whether you’re loading into an airplane and flying to another country, or walking next door to help a neighbor—God goes with you. He goes before you. He helps.

So go help somebody. Say something encouraging. Do something meaningful. Stop worrying about being good enough, and start doing something good.


Countdown Zacapa – 19 Days


In nineteen days Jamie and I are leading a team of twenty young adults to Guatemala. We’ve been making arrangements, making plans, and preparing our team almost eight months….and here we are. Less than three weeks away.

Taking young people to a far away place is one of the deep joys of my life. I love seeing the impact it makes on them. How it shocks them out of the apathy that so quickly can overwhelm us in our selfish culture. It’s a process of pealing back the nuanced layers of desire and distraction that define most of our American existence. In a word, it is a powerful experience.

After six months of regular meetings, tonight we met for the final time before we leave. I challenged them with the notions of sacrifice and selflessness. Not because any of us are looking or hoping to become martyrs, but because I want all of us to live outside of the context we are so over encumbered with here at home.

We go to do something that is not about us and not for us. We are partnering with a wonderful missionary who has been in Guatemala for over twenty years. I can’t wait to get these guys down there.

Please consider praying for us as we travel.