I Love My Bible: Blueprints & Buzzer Beaters


The Bible is full of a lot of cool stuff. A LOT of it can be pretty tough to wrap your mind and heart around sometimes. But it’s worth the effort to try. Why? Because the Bible is our single greatest source of information about God, and it’s His single greatest method for speaking to us.

When you need to know tax code, you get a book on tax law; when you need to learn how to potty train a puppy, you read up on dog training tips; and, when you need (which is always) to both know more about and more of God you read the Bible. But it is way more than just a book. It’s a bullseye from Heaven’s throne. It’s a guaranteed three point basket. It’s an instruction manual.

Like all instruction manuals it was written in a variety of languages. So you will have to discover the one that you best understand if you hope to put its instruction to a good use. However, if you are willing to put in the effort to figure it out you will live a life full of the timely instruction of God.

God speaks to us through His Word. The words on the pages paint a picture of an eternal drama that is forever unfolding around us. It is remarkable. And like all good instruction manuals it unfolds a blue print for the way to make things work. And the biggest truth it has to deliver is that the only way things ever truly work is when they work through God.

The Word of God, full of timeless truth, is also full of truth that sometimes arrives just on time. Sometimes we forget what the blueprints say and we, or someone else, messes up the plans for our lives. Well, God’s Word generally has something to say about that too. I often find that when I’m at my wits end is when his Word is the most personal. His Word is a blueprint for me to live and love by, but sometimes it’s also a buzzer beater that comes just when I need it most.


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