100 Days of Awesome: Day 1 – Help

What if for the next 100 days we spent one hour a day doing something awesome? FYI, that’s totally doable. We can do it. You, me, and all of those yet to happen upon this happy little challenge.

That’s only sixty minutes a day, but it adds up to 6,000 minutes! That’s 360,000 seconds of awesome. 

Today I helped my friend. We moved his family’s stuff out of a hot moving truck into their new home. It was a very small act. It really didn’t take much time or effort. A couple of hours and a little sweat, at most. But after three laborious days full of moving madness my buddy and his family thought it was awesome. They were really grateful for the help.

Helping people is always awesome. 
What will you do to be awesome today? Will you join me and take the 100 Days of Awesome Challenge?

You can catch the 100 Days of Awesome daily update right here on the blog or on Periscope by following @nateking.

Stay awesome.


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