100 Days of Awesome: Day 3 – Fireball

100 Days of Awesome is about helping people. It’s about unleashing, recognizing, realizing, and living in your awesomeness. You are awesome. It’s so true. Maybe sometimes more so than you even know—and at other times less so than you think. Take the challenge. Join the adventure. Dedicate an hour a day to being awesome by making someone else’s life more awesome. Post your stories. Share your adventure. I’d love to hear all about it. You can follow along with my 100 Days of Awesome everyday right here.

Fireballs are awesome. Roadside fireballs are more awesomer. Except for that one time in Guatemala when a street performer almost spit one onto my bus. That wasn’t awesome. But this most recent fireball that I encountered was crazy awesome.
Except that I don’t mean the good kind of awesome.

We were driving along the road and BOOM there is this giant plume of dark smoke (not good) shooting up into the air. We were maybe a mile away driving through hills and woods. I told my pal Aaron this wasn’t going to be good.

We round the corner and. BAM! Sure enough. It was bad.

Some dude was standing in the highway about 40 yards down a slight hill. A car, presumably his, engulfed in flames on the side of the road. In the woods. In summer. This is not ok.

As we approach we slow to see if the guy is ok and ask how we can help. What did this guy do? He waved us off. He didn’t want our help. Ok, now this just seemed sketchy. Why would a guy who’s car is obviously a raging inferno just a few yards away not want us to stop and help.

Given that we were in the middle of nowhere—the kind of place were the trees themselves seem to reverberate with dueling banjos—we acquiesced to his apparent wish. We did not stop. We drove on. Right past the fireball that could have at some point in the none-too-distant past been a fairly nice yellow automobile.

Wow. It. Was. Hot. 

I could easily feel it through the car door. It’s power was intimidating. We drove on. Thankfully we met a firetruck on its way to the scene.

Because firemen are awesome.

Thanks for reading. Stay awesome.

~ Nate


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