100 Days of Awesome: Day 4 – Franks with Friends

100 Days of Awesome is about helping people. It’s about unleashing, recognizing, realizing, and living in your awesomeness. You are awesome. It’s so true. Maybe sometimes more so than you even know—and at other times less so than you think. Take the challenge. Join the adventure. Dedicate an hour a day to being awesome by making someone else’s life more awesome. Post your stories. Share your adventure. I’d love to hear all about it. You can follow along with my 100 Days of Awesome everyday right here.

Thanks for reading!

Sometimes you just need to fire up the ol’ grill and cook some hotdogs. Today was absolutely one of those days. But what makes a frank even better is when you’re grilling it up for a friend.

Out pal Tosha just graduated from college. She has overcame some truly amazing obstacles for someone so young. And we wanted to celebrate her and her accomplishments. So my awesome wife came up with the idea that we should grill hotdogs. 

My wife hates hotdogs. Like for real.

But that’s part of what makes this awesome. She bought the hotdogs, invited our friend. Planned the whole thing. Eating with people is awesome.

Celebrating people is more awesome.

Celebrate somebody today. Now, I need to go eat some hotdogs. 

Stay awesome!


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