Hi there!  Welcome to nathanandjamie.com.  My wife Jamie and I have been in ministry for quite a while and love pretty much every minute of it.  We’re the proud parents of two awesome little boys and are excited about life.  This is where I post thoughts, studies, commentaries, and other bits about things I find interesting. I don’t write because I think I know better than anyone else. I wrote because the words are begging to get out. Most of what you’ll find here makes its escape in the wee hours of the night before I go to sleep. On occasion Jamie chimes in too. I hope you’ll enjoy your time here, will share it with friends, and will comment when you find something noteworthy.  We’re honored that you stopped by our site.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. I have really enjoyed looking this website over it is really amazing what a person can do with technology. I am proud of the way that u and Jamie have dedicatied your lives to the lord and helping the young people where u are. Your son is a cute little man who will grow up in the Christian faith and love the Lord.

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